Thursday Aug 11, 2022

Solutions To Data Recovery From Broken Phone

The screen of an Android phone, like that of an iPhone, is not unbreakable! They can easily be broken or damaged for unexpected Data Recovery reasons, such as falling out of your pocket.

When such an incident occurs, you may no longer be able to unlock your phone and no longer have access to contacts, photos, messages and other important data on your device.

Since repairing a broken screen is time-consuming and can be expensive, especially for curved Samsung models, the question arises : how to recover data from the phone if it is broken or frozen on a black screen?

Therefore, we are going to see how to recover data from Android phone with broken screen. It doesn’t matter that you can’t use your phone anymore or that you can still do some operations.

Below are 3 ways to recover your data whether or not you have USB debugging enabled.

Data Recovery

How to recover data from phone with black screen?

In order to recover data from Android smartphone stuck on black screen, you will need Droid-Kit software. This tool is designed to repair Android devices and can also Linkedin data.

Among its advantages:

  • The possibility of recovering all types of data,
  • The recovery of WhatsApp conversations,
  • Compatibility with all brands and all Android devices.

So, this tool can also fix Android system of Samsung device.

Rhonda Black

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