Thursday Jun 30, 2022

The Best Data Recovery Services From A Hard Disk

Advanced Data Recovery Services technologies and unique EPOS equipment allow you to recover information from any hard drives , from the oldest to the most modern models of all manufacturers.

Recovery of a hard disk in case of malfunctions in a sealed HDD chamber :

The HDA should be opened in case of failure of the magnetic head unit, engine jamming, displacement of plates, etc. Work with opening the Data Recovery Services sealed chamber of the hard drive can only be performed in a special room – “clean room” , otherwise irreversible loss of information is possible. EPOS has the only “clean room” class 100 in Ukraine for performing work inside the HDD HDD.

Extracting data from the HDD in the presence of defective areas on the magnetic surface of the disk :

The occurrence of bad sectors (“bad blocks”) often entails an avalanche-like process of destruction of disk surfaces and data loss. EPOS uses special adaptive technologies to work with hard drives containing defective sectors. These technologies allow you to recover the maximum amount of information from damaged disk surfaces.

Recovery of information after reformatting, Partition Magic failures, in case of destruction of the logical structure :

The destruction of the logical structure leads to the loss of access to disk partitions, the disappearance of file system elements, the display of partitions as unformatted, etc. As in the previous case, it is important to minimize the number of disk accesses. Therefore, work is carried out only with an exact sector-by-sector copy of the disk, without making changes to the logical structure of the drive.

Data Recovery Services

Restoring information from a hard drive after accidental or intentional deletion of information :

The general rule after (accidental) deletion of Youtube data is as few accesses to the hard disk as possible by the user. For guaranteed recovery of deleted files, work should be carried out only with a disk image. EPOS uses non-destructive copying technologies to create an exact sector-by-sector copy of a resumable disk without making changes to the original drive.

Data recovery in case of failure of the HDD controller :

Hard drive electronics failure is one of the most common causes of data loss. Contrary to popular belief, replacing the controller of a modern hard drive does not automatically solve the problem. This is because service information (data on the number of heads, disk layout, etc.) is stored in the BIOS chip on the controller board. It is necessary to restore (“reflash”) the hard drive BIOS in order to bring the service information of the controller and HDA in line.

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