Saturday Oct 01, 2022

What To Do To Data Recovery Deleted Files On Windows

Today we store a large amount of Data Recovery and information on hard drives, NAS servers, computers… We can save files that are part of our work, our studies, our hobbies… We trust all this in a range of physical Data Recovery devices that can have problems at any time.

This means that in the Data Recovery event of a cyberattack, misconfiguration or error on our part, we could lose all information. This can be especially important if it’s a business or organization that needs a series of files and documents to function fully.

Because, losing files is a serious computer problem. Moreover, many causes can cause this, as we have mentioned. It is not always on us users as it may be due to sudden hardware issue.

However, there are situations that may be more extreme than others. Let’s say we reinstalled Windows and had some Twitter files that we later found out we needed. Fortunately, we can count on it as long as the sectors have not been overwritten by programs to help us restore them.

We will show some of the most interesting programs that we can use to recover files that have been deleted by mistake or by a problem in Windows. They can save us when it comes to restoring equipment and making everything available again.

Rhonda Black

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